What Am I Doing Here?

Q. I am wondering if this place used to be on Frankfort Ave?

A. Why yes it was. We are now at a location that is wheelchair accessible, has great parking and has a New York SoHo kind of feel. For a map of our current location, click here.

Q. I am looking for a place to hold a meeting but I don’t have the time to get caterers, meeting supplies, drinks and snacks.

A. You have come to the right place. You pick the day and we will arrange for catering. Our rooms all come with refrigerators full of drinks and our snacks are everywhere. Pretzels, m &m’s, gourmet jelly beans, bubble gum, tootsie roll pops, etc.

Q. I am here looking for some team building activities for my team.

A. Just take a moment to look in our team building section or check out our facebook page. Team development is a passion of Stephanie. She custom designs team adventures that are meaningful, fun, creates a bonding experience for your team and gives back to the community. All while staying within your budget.

Q. I am here looking for something different.

A. Well, you have definitely come to the right place. WorkShop was in the Corporate & Incentive Travel magazine listed as one of six “Out of the Box” places to meet. You can check out the article in our news section.

Q. I would like to sign up for your Monthly Newsletters.

A. Awesome, click here to sign up. We love sharing our newsletters. We try to highlight our friends and give tips about networking, great meetings and team building

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