Team Development and Voluntourism

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Looking for something different and exciting for your team development plan?  WorkShop, the creative workplace are experts with "Employee Engagement". There is a huge difference between "team activities" and "team building". Team activities are bowling, rock climbing, laser tag and other fun things to do during a team outing.  Many of these "activities" focus on competition, which actually can break down a team that does not have a solid foundation.

"Team Building" works to create a solid foundation which includes understanding how each other makes decisions and what are the natural talents of those on the team.  

At WorkShop, the creative workplace we have a lot of fun building that solid foundation and giving your team tools to continue to build.   We can work with your team to bring your meeting to a close by working together on a community project or we can design a day specifically for your team to overcome your personal challenges.  We ignite the passion and purpose of those we serve through creativity which always includes a "pay it forward" component.   We at WorkShop, like to create a moment that closes the chapter on the past and breaks new ground for moving forward.

Here are some "team building" programs that we can modify to meet time frames of 1 hour to 4 hours:

Team Adventures

WorkShop Adventures creates a simulation of an Amazing Race type experience.  The participants solve clues to unveil the stops and they work together to complete tasks that requires effective communication, builds trust, highlights different perspectives and creates shared leadership to earn  item to give to a family in need.

Creative Connections 

“Build a Dream”: The teams will work together to build beds for a child who does not have a bed to sleep in.  Some participants will be animaters and some will be builders.  The animaters will personalize the bed by painting the child's dream and aspirations on the bed slats.    Of course, the team will get to meet the child when the bed is complete.

“Build a Bridge”: The teams will explore creative problem-solving and group dynamics as they move through the stages of the product development.  Once all the bridges are built and connected the course will be tested by a remote control car.  

“Build a Skate Park”: Your team will build their very own "Skate Park".  The most important factor with building a Skate Park is determining what obstacles to use and how to use them.  It is kinetic energy that keeps the skater moving through the park.  

“Shift Work”:  This is a great program for convention breakouts.  The sessions are in shifts and together we will build a playhouse(s) for a local family. Just like at work, we will need to make sure each "shift" is up to the date with the process and where we are in the process.  

“Beyond” (High Performance Team Training):  We like this program for awesome teams that want to move to the next level, Global teams, Project Managers who want to know how to immediately engage a team and new teams of Top Performers.  The elements of the design are based on the type of team we are working with and where their strengths are.     The "give back" will be based on whether the team is a Global Team, National Team or a Local Team.

“SOAR”: Are you ready to take flight?  This program includes building a plane (that flies), creating a print ad and developing a radio jingle that are all aligned with the company/department vision.  

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