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Looking for something different and exciting for your team development plan?  WorkShop is the Team Building Factory of Louisville.  Everything that takes place with WorkShop helps build teams.  Whether you are focusing on strategic planning, change management, conflict resolution, diversity and inclusion or specifically for team building, you are developing your team.

Our specific Team Building Programs fall into two categories,  Team Adventures and Creative Connections.  All of our team building programs have a “give back” component built in. 

Team Adventures

WorkShop designs Team Adventures that are sure to bring out great ideas from everyone on the team and let them experience giving back to the community.   Helping someone less fortunate has a unique way of bonding a team and giving them a great sense of accomplishment.

When we bring Big Brother and Big Sister kids in to give them a bicycle, take gifts to the Home of the Innocents or entertain those in need, it has two different effects.  If a team is struggling, it creates a moment for your team that erases the past and creates a new beginning.  If your team has been functioning like a “well- oiled machine”, this moment creates a catapult that sends them to a new level of team.

The teams will get clues to start and will have to find their locations by solving the clues.  Once they get to their location they will execute a team challenge that will give them their next clue and an item for charity. 

Creative Connections (5 - 500 participants)  Great for convention break outs!

This is our unique way of connecting people.  These custom designed team building programs can be done at WorkShop or any location for ANY size gathering.   AND give back to the community is also part of the connection.

The result of your team’s time spent with WorkShop is like a gift that keeps giving.  Your team will have a better understanding of themselves, their role on the team, and desires of the leadership for how they would like to see the company function differently, or better.  They will also have a better description of what Team Work means in your company’s setting.  Problem solving, strength finders, conflict resolution, overcoming obstacles, and different ways to communicate are other skills that will be called upon during this diverse training. 

Some examples of Creative Connections would be:

“Build a Bridge”: The teams will explore creative problem-solving and group dynamics as they move through the stages of the product development.  Once all the bridges are built and connected the course will be tested by a remote control car.  Just like at work, there will be outside interruptions.  The "give back" will be based on the team goals and the local family's needs.

“Build a Skate Park”: Your team will build their very own "Skate Park".  The most important factor with building a Skate Park is determining what obstacles to use and how to use them.  It is kenetic energy that keeps the skater moving through the park.  Just like with your team, create the right energy and look for strengths that will encourage a forward motion.  The "give back" will probably have wheels and include a helmet.

“Shift Work”:  This is a great program for convention breakouts.  The sessions are in shifts and together we will build a playhouse(s) for a local family.   Communication and organization is the key to the build.  Just like at work, we will need to make sure each Department/Shift is up to the date with the process and where we are in the process.  At the end of the day we will bring the kids in to see their new play house then deliver it to them.

“Beyond” (High Performance Team Training):  We like this program for awesome teams that want to move to the next level, Global teams, Project Managers who want to know how to immediately engage a team and new teams of Top Performers.  The elements of the design are based on the type of team we are working with and where their strengths are.  If the participants have not participated in strength finders, the testing will be included in the program.  If participants know their top five strengths we will highlight those strengths.  The "give back" will be based on whether the team is a Global Team, National Team or a Local Team.

“SOAR”: Are you ready to take flight?  This program includes building a plane (that flies), creating a print ad and developing a radio jingle that are all aligned with the company/department vision.  The participants will really need to look at individual strengths to best set the team up for success.  The program is best suited for teams of 25 - 500.


Your teambuilding experience at WorkShop includes:

  1. Prior to the session, we will meet with you to discuss your goals for the session and any issues or challenges your team may be experiencing.
  2. Next, we will design your session with your goals in mind and send you a copy of the proposed activities/agenda for your approval.
  3. Our expert facilitators work with your team to create a one of a kind true team experience.
  4. After the session, and optional, you are invited to meet with or receive a summary of the session outlining the facilitator’s observations and recommendations.

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