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"Before I brought my team to WorkShop for our day of teambuilding, we were eight individuals who happened to be on a team. Because of our experience at Workshop, we are now a true team who is working together towards our common goals. The facilitators used fun and innovative ways to gel a good team into a great team!"

Chris Watson, Director of Sales and Marketing Hyatt Regency Louisville

"My team still talks about the event WorkShop put together and remind me often that that was the best team event they have ever participated in."

Kelly Young, Abbott Point of Care Regional Manager Mid Atlantic


"The experience provided the team the opportunity to practice the elements of teaming, along with exploring a few of the highlights of the community."

National Center for Family Literacy

"The challenges were perfectly coordinated to the amount of time and really forced us to use imagination, teamwork, and our individual specializations to complete them."

Breckinridge Franklin School


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