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"I had the pleasure of attending Stephanie's workshop to kick off our new team and it was an awesome experience. The team building activities were well designed, executed, and very meaningful and worthwhile. The workshop delivered on it's promises and I left with experiences I will never forget!"   Mark Didat, GE

"I thought our retreat was very effective in helping us re-calibrate after a period of transition. Over half of our group has worked with me for a period of years but a large handful of folks were very new to the Company and our team. It put me in an interesting position because the veteran team members needed to be able to see me in a new role as their team leader, while also being reassured that I wasn’t going to change who I am because I was put into a new position of authority. The newer team members needed to be able to build trust in me quickly and believe that executive turnover didn’t mean that their jobs were also in jeopardy. That’s a tall order."   A Team Leader After a Recent Reorganization
"By building the day around focusing on each person’s individual strengths, we were able to see the value in each person to the healthy functioning of our team as a whole, and it set the stage for the fact that I want to lead by inclusion. Everyone has a voice and everyone’s voice carries equal weight. By celebrating each other’s unique strengths, we were well poised for the meatier part of our meeting, which was strategic planning and goal setting. The dialogue flowed freely, and we came up with some really good stuff.  As a leader, I was able to sit back, listen, and learn from the team… and ultimately implement things that came from them. There’s no better way to create buy-in than that!"    Recent Guest

"We ended the day with the Build-A-Dream team building experience, which you know profoundly impacted our group.  It was a great way to come together by rallying around something bigger and more important than us."   Recent Guest
"It was a very productive day, and I think that everyone in the group walked away feeling like they had contributed."   Celia Catlett, Texas Roadhouse

"The feedback I received from my team regarding our day spent at the workshop was inspirational. The team is very motivated. I already see them spending more time pulling one another into their respective work."   Paula Beckmann, Humana

“Staff was perfect, there but not intrusive. Environment was comfortable and 'creative' juice generating. Perfect. We will come back. If you ever do a meeting where you really want team members to come together, not feel inhibited and generate business generating results, WorkShop is THE place.”   Barry Younkie, Maker’s Mark

“Excellent and very reliable - we always have everything we need at our fingertips.”   Allen Howie, Idealogy

“It was great and the WorkShop crew always had what we needed when we needed it. Every time I go, I discover more items to use and wrap into facilitating sessions. The last time was the container full of costumes and props. This added a whole other dimension to our time there and greatly increased the learning about our team members and our work.”   Aaron, Humana

“Most productive day I have had at an offsite meeting in years. LOVED the GUITAR and ELMO.”   Greater Louisville Inc.

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