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“Staff was perfect, there but not intrusive. Environment was comfortable and 'creative' juice generating. Perfect. We will come back. If you ever do a meeting where you really want team members to come together, not feel inhibited and generate business generating results, WorkShop is THE place.”
Barry Younkie, Maker’s Mark

“Excellent and very reliable - we always have everything we need at our fingertips.”
Allen Howie, Idealogy

“It was great and The WorkShop Crew always had what we needed when we needed it. Every time I go, I discover more items to use and wrap into facilitating sessions. The last time was the container full of costumes and props. This added a whole other dimension to our time there and greatly increased the learning about our team members and our work.”
Aaron, Humana

“Most productive day I have had at an offsite meeting in years. LOVED the GUITAR and ELMO.”
Greater Louisville Inc.

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