The SkyRoom

Ideal for Groups of 12 – 20 People

In the SkyRoom, the sky is truly the limit! The three large windows stretching the length of the room mirror the 36 feet of whiteboard that can be filled with your team's brainstorms and strategic plans. Complete with refrigerator, stereo system, and comfortable couches and chairs, this space has all of the comforts of home with the necessary tools of business. Multiple seating arrangements available. Room minimum is $660 for full-day and $495 for half-day.

The Sky Room




Other Meeting Places

Meeting Room    

$60 per Person (Full-Day)

$45 per Person (Half-Day)

Breakfast     INCL $180-$450
Digital Projector     INCL $250-$350
Energizer     1 INCL N/A
Jars of Candy     INCL N/A
Games and Toys     INCL N/A
Crazy Hats     INCL N/A
Wi-Fi     INCL $15-$20
Flip Chart     1 INCL $30-$50
Notepads     $5 EA $40
Conference Phone     INCL $30-$50
Copies     $.10/$.20 ea $.25/$.50 ea
Faxes     INCL $1 Per Fax
Beverages     INCL $75-$150
Light Snacks     INCL $100-$250
Stereo     INCL $75
DVD Player     INCL $50–$100
Pens & Markers     INCL $20
Sticky Notes     AVAIL $20
Room Setup     INCL $50-$100
Extra Hours     $95 $50-$100 Per Hour

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