The Depot

Ideal for Groups of Up to 12 People

With a perfect view of the occasional passing train, the Depot will take your team back to a simpler time and enerize them for productivity! This room has plenty of natural light and a 16-foot whiteboard. Multiple seating arrangements available. Room minimum is $560 for a full-day and $360 for a half-day.

The Depot




Other Meeting Places

Meeting Room    

$70 per Person (Full-Day)

$45 per Person (Half-Day)

Breakfast     INCL $180-$450
Digital Projector     INCL $250-$350
Energizer     INCL N/A
Jars of Candy     INCL N/A
Games and Toys     INCL N/A
Crazy Hats     INCL N/A
Wi-Fi     INCL $15-$20
Flip Chart     1 INCL $30-$50

$5 EA

Conference Phone     INCL $30-$50
Copies     $.10/$.20 ea $.25/$.50 ea
Faxes     INCL $1 Per Fax
Beverages     INCL $75-$150
Light Snacks     INCL $100-$250
Stereo     INCL $75
DVD Player     INCL $50–$100
Pens & Markers     INCL $20
Sticky Notes     AVAIL $20
Room Setup     INCL $50-$100
Extra Hours     $95 $50-$100 Per Hour

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