WorkShop, the Creative Workplace, ignites purpose and passion through custom-designed team development programs and one-of-a-kind, creative meeting space. With expertise in building teams, strategic planning, conflict resolution, generational theory, emotional intelligence, and leveraging strengths, the facilitators at WorkShop are serious about fun as they empower teams to surpass their goals and infuse innovation into conferences and meetings.

All of WorkShop’s custom-designed programs include a community service element where teams of three to 3,000 come together to help hardworking families who are in need of a little help. Through the power of paying it forward, WorkShop puts passion into practice, increases engagement, and changes lives.


Michael Harper, Managing Director and Lead Facilitator

michael As a trainer/facilitator, Michael custom-designs creative programs to meet the unique needs of teams from all over the world. Whether you're looking for team development, strategic planning, conflict resolution, or soft skills training, Michael can design a program that will increase employee engagement and productivity and take your team to the next level.    

Michael's programs and trainings can take place at the WorkShop, at your location in the Louisville area, or at any location around the world. He leads innovative breakout sessions at conferences, emcees events, leads networking events, and loves to rework your annual meeting to make it more engaging, fun, and memorable for your employees.

With a master’s in teaching, Michael has twenty years of experience facilitating groups, leading strategic planning sessions, designing meetings, and empowering teams to achieve their goals.

Michael's areas of expertise include diversity, generational theory, identifying and leveraging strengths, personality types, learning theory, emotional intelligence, MBTI and healthy communication. His programs will ignite purpose and passion in your team!


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