WorkShop, the Creative Workplace, ignites purpose and passion through custom-designed team development programs and one-of-a-kind, creative meeting space. With expertise in building teams, strategic planning, conflict resolution, generational theory, emotional intelligence, and leveraging strengths, the facilitators at WorkShop are serious about fun as they empower teams to surpass their goals and infuse innovation into conferences and meetings.

All of WorkShop’s custom-designed programs include a community service element where teams of three to 3,000 come together to help hardworking families who are in need of a little help. Through the power of paying it forward, WorkShop puts passion into practice, increases engagement, and changes lives.



Finding WorkShop

WorkShop is located in the Butchertown neighborhood of Louisville (east of downtown) in a building named “The Pointe.”

Driving Instructions


From I-64 Westbound, take the Mellwood Avenue exit, turn left on Frankfort Avenue, turn left on Story Avenue, turn right on Cabel Street, and then turn left on Washington Street. The Pointe is on the right.  

From I-64 Eastbound, take the Story Avenue exit and stay in the right lane. Go three streets up and turn right onto Cabel Street. Turn left on Washington Street and The Pointe is on the right.  


Free parking is available in the Pointe's parking lots, on some parts of Washington Street, and on some other adjacent streets. The Pointe and WorkShop are wheelchair accessible.

Entering the Building (Look for Suite #101)

From the Washington Street entrance, we’re the first office suite on the left once you enter the building.


From the east parking lot entrance, turn left at the first intersection once you enter the building. The WorkShop is at the end of the hall on the right.


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Contact Us

1205 E. Washington Street Suite 101
Louisville, Kentucky 40206
Phone (502) 583-8555, Fax (502) 583-8558